If You Want Something Do It Yourself: Bottle Cap Magnets

I noticed the other day while cleaning up from a party how the fridge at home had way too many business magnets on it. Well I put two and two together and decided to keep some of the bottle caps to turn into what I thought would be a fun inexpensive idea to add some pretty magnets to your fridge (or magnetic board) It's super easy and doesn't take long to do. I went with a classic color scheme of black, white, and silver, but you can make these to fit with the color scheme of your kitchen or room. Have fun with it...use different beads like neons or something with more sparkle :)

If you want them too, here's how to do it yourself: 

Place glue all over the bottom of bottle cap

Sprinkle beads onto glue and press down

Fill in the open spaces by adding beads one by one

Glue magnet to the back of bottle cap
& you're all done!

an old pic of chris & I at prom and on my 18th birthday

xoxo erica