Life Lately: Birthday Edition

About 3 years ago Chris made up what he calls his "birthday week" in which he celebrates and gets whatever he wants for a full seven days starting on the day of his birthday. Last year I adopted his idea and didn't have to think twice if I wanted to do it again this year. My "birthday week" is officially over and it was great while it lasted...I partied more nights than I'm used to, ate way too many sweets, and got back massages whenever I far 26 has been treating me good.

Getting a little dressed up to have dinner with the 
family...even if it was just at home

Later during the weekend there were margaritas mixed with lots of dancing.

Had this while enjoying some delicious sweets...raspberry tiramisu. My sister's birthday
is 3 days after mine, this was her "birthday cake".

With too many late nights and early mornings the past few days
 you know I'll be catching up on sleep this week.

A few gifts, how cute are the peas in a pod earrings!?!

Mom makes my birthday cake every year.

Sitting under glowing lights while relaxing before going out.

birthday cake + twinkie topping = amazing

xoxo erica

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