DIY // Festive Christmas Tree Crown

So the holidays are already in full swing over here. I’ve already played white elephant, started secret santa, and decorated all around the apartment…and it’s only just a few days into December! Currently my calendar is already booked every weekend with some kind of holiday party…I mean the more the merrier when it comes to parties right?! Anyway I wanted to share this quick and easy festive diy that is sure to be a hit at any Christmas gathering you’ve got going on this holiday season. Also does it get any cuter than mini sequin trees? I don’t think so.

Supplies: Bottle Brush Trees, Sequins, Headband, & Glue Gun with Glue

The steps are simple.

1. Hot glue your sequins onto the trees to resemble ornaments.

2. Glue the trees to the headband…and that’s it! *you could also at this point add some felt underneath the headband in the areas where the trees are glued*

So fun! Happy Holidays Friends!

xo Erica

New Orleans Girls Trip

Two weeks ago I was in New Orleans for a girls trip! I had never been to New Orleans but had always heard of the charm and magic of being in such a cool city. It was a whirlwind of a trip and we were pretty much in the city for only a day and a half. It rained on and off for the time we were there but we weren’t going to let a little rain stop us and we definitely made the most of it. It’s funny because I really wanted to take a bunch of photos while we were there and even though this is more of a heavy photo post, I honestly feel like I didn’t take enough.

Our trip started off with a haunted tour of some of the most haunted places around the city. The tour was actually really cool because I had heard of about half of the stories we were told but it was just a different experience seeing the buildings right in front of me. I took this photo of my niece in front of this restaurant that sets a table every night for a ghost hoping maybe we would catch something cool in the photo. The ghost is supposed to be of a previous owner of the building that killed himself in the building. Years later when the restaurant opened weird things kept happening to the staff and so the new owners decided to do a seance. They discovered that the man was upset because every night people were in his home having good food and wine and he was never invited. So now they set a table for him and all is good. My family has always been all about getting a bit spooked (halloween is my favorite holiday and we have some good scary stories to tell) so the tour was just a fun way to kick off the trip in a city that has so much history.

We ended our night hanging out a roof top bar called the Hot Tin. It had a really cool vibe about it and the view did not disappoint. Seeing the city glowing in lights made the night feel just a bit more magical…or maybe it was the whiskey lol It ended up being a fun night of talking, drinking, and taking selfies. After the rooftop bar we to a restaurant called the Seaworthy where I filled up on beer and fries…yum. And then to officially end the night on a good note, our Uber driver picked us up with Cardi B playing, fluorescent lights going, and there was a disco ball hanging in his car…a disco ball! In my opinion that’s how all Uber rides should be.

The next morning we had breakfast at a place called Willa Jean. Everything about the restaurant was just so darn cute…I mean they have whisks lights and I loved all the kraft paper and chalkboard details. I had a Croque Madame and it was honestly my favorite thing I ate while in New Orleans. Pretty much all my life I have only ate my eggs scrambled but within the past month over easy or sunny side eggs have been my thing…and this was soooo good.

We stayed on Magazine Street and we spotted a Sucre shop just a few blocks from our place and got some gelato. Mint chocolate chip for me because that’s my favorite flavor. We actually were had a reservation at the Sucre in the French Quarter for a tea party about an hour from when we were there but stopped at this Sucre just because of the ice cream sculptures in the window display. Anything for a cute pic right?

My family has always loved tea parties…we’ve done one for Valentines Day, Halloween, birthdays, you name it. So when my sis Laura, who pretty much loves New Orleans and had set up the trip for us, told us about our upcoming tea party I was just a bit excited. The tea party was my favorite part of our girls trip and of course my favorite part would be include food lol But just look at all those mini treats! Everything and I mean everything was delicious.

After the tea party we finally got to walk around the city for a bit. Thankfully the rain had stopped pouring down and we were able to do a little exploring. Our night ended with dinner a restaurant called Cavan that was in an old mansion. While the bathroom was pretty creepy, the dinner setting felt glam with the big chandeliers and pink velvet chairs. It was a good way to go out for our last night before some dancing out on Bourbon street.

It was a whirlwind trip and we were back home the next day. Before the trip, New Orleans had never been a place on my list that I wanted to visit but I can honestly say that I would go back. I had fun for the short time I was there and I know that there is so much more the city has to offer. But till then I’ll just remember these good times with the girls.

xo Erica

Ruffled Up

Ruffles on ruffles? yes, please! I figured it would be to post this look before summer is completely gone. How is it even September already?! It feels like the gingham pattern has pretty much been a basic for spring and goes with everything. I've already styled it with simple tee but I recently found myself wanting to be a bit extra and paired it with this ruffle top. I mean the more the merrier.  So now that it's September are you ready for all things fall? To be honest I'm not over summer yet but I did found myself buying Halloween decorations this past weekend! I couldn't help it...Halloween is my favorite.

xoxo Erica